Sugar & Massacre is a visual novel taking place in the 2100's, in the fictional cyberpunk city San Tänne - a lush, sublime, sex-positive place where the revolutionary new models of sexbot androids, Lelu, are made.

The massive outburst of demand for these is what draws people all over the world to visit - but this was not what drew our heroine to this place.

Olivia keeps her motives hidden and desperately guards part of herself from everyone around her, even close friends. It's something she holds onto so tightly she's become numb to the pain it causes her.

One thing is certain; once she delves into what this city has in store, Olivia's life will never be the same…

For better or worse.

This thing, the Sugar & Massacre Intro, is the official demo. It's a standalone short introduction to the main characters and their stories, and has scenes that won't be shown in the final thing. All the art in this, with the exception of one CG, will NOT be in the final product. So if you are curious, give this a peak!

!!Warning, the browser version takes a bit to load. You can download a Windows version at the link further down here! (Mac download coming soon)!!

Read more about the game, the characters and play the demo at the main website (if you don't wanna play it here for some reason)!

The Intro contains-

- ~6000 words
- 20+ CGs 
- Music that is exclusive to the demo (9 tracks in total)
- Queer women that vary in shapes, sizes and personalities
-Mild gore and mild nudity, nothing explicit


S& 222 MB

Development log


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This intro is amazing, and I'm very excited for the demos and the full version! I've fallen in love with all of the women and I really hope that they all manage to end up okay at the end of this. One thing I'm not sure on: when Deedee picked up the note, does it show what it says? I think I clicked too fast because it only showed it being blurry.

Thank you for the kind words! The letter is meant to be unreadable for now.